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Grazia Honegger Fresco (Roma, January 6th 1929 – Castellanza, September 30th 2020) was a Montessori pedagogist. During her long life she worked tirelessly in favour of a nonviolent and non-judgmental education, attentive to the specific needs of each single child, especially since birth and during the first three years of life. She promoted the opening of schools and training opportunities in Italy and abroad, addressing herself with sensibility and precision to educators, teaches, parents and services to infancy.

She was awarded by Unicef in 2008 and she dedicated two important biographies to Adele Costa Gnocchi and Maria Montessori, of whom she was a student. Her work and thoughts are collected in the many books and articles that she had published, in the review 'Il Quaderno Montessori' and in the Archive that is being established in her name in Castellanza.

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